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Rogue Status

Some of you may have noticed a lack of communication from the Press lately.

My grandmother died. For some of you that know me closely you understand exactly how important this woman was to my life and how lost and alone I feel without her. For the rest of you…imagine your best friend, mentor, ally, protector you’ve known your whole life…and imagine losing them in an instant. Even typing the words feel painful to my fingers, searching the keys for some profound meaning in this explanation. In short, it hurts while numbing me to all things and I would wish never with this on anybody.

So the Press suffered as a result. I apologize to the handful of readers who may have been impacted by this shift in communication.

But in an attempt to get back to form, we’re taking a short pause as Volume VI wraps up before diving into VII, giving folks time to catch up, ask questions, subscribe, do whatever strikes your fancy. Because May 12 will kick off an entirely new Volume that carries readers through to mid July. So welcome back, thanks for bearing with us during this hard time, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the show thus far.


We do those now!

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New Project!

So I couldn’t decide where to place a new novel, timeline wise. So I just decided to write three. Novels. Three more. Because that helps. Possibly simultaneously. Will get back to you on that one.

In the meanwhile, since we’re getting settled in here, thought I would post up a few of my more interesting lines from the first of the works in progress, currently untitled.


  • “There’s a rule or three that you must remember at all times about gambling. First, never put down what you aren’t prepared to lose. Second, luck is an illusion that prays on the weak. And of course, the most important –            The house always wins.”
  • “What if I’d reacted violently? You know, as criminals do.”

    I finished shuffling the cards and put the deck flat on the table, considering her point. “Then I suppose I would have another one for the collection.”

    “Scar?” Dax guessed.


  • “Nobody really considers the pawnshop broker or the bartender as an actual human that retains information. You assume that they see and hear so much in the day to day that it’s impossible to collect anything relevant. You give them your secrets and your sins, you tell them the truth without question because at the end of the day you’re only seeing their position and not their purpose. But a man is a man and he will hear you regardless of your request to the contrary. As will a woman.”
  • “Given enough time, the canary will approach the cat if for no other reason than to alleviate the boredom.”

Coming Soon

Excuse the mess, we’ve got a bit of sweeping up yet to do before the big unveil. Check back with us Rogues in February for all the fun.