1. Exiled – The Demon King




Rev Ransom is the name and if you need anything done, I am the guy to come see. Known by few, heard of by many, the shadow that everyone’s seen. I am the guy you run to, the guy you run from. Either way, every which way, you’re mine – and I’m yours.

The lost, the condemned, the damned or otherwise, all end up coming my way. And I’ll straighten them out; give them jobs, a life – a family. I provide security. I preach trust and honor. The way of my true family is simple; I’m at the top of the chain and I’m always right. Always. And if you doubt my word, I’ve got two words for you.

Click. Bang.

Any other silly questions? Wasting my time can get you hurt. Or killed. My indifference is an inherited character trait. My name is Rev Ransom. While you’re in my house, you will respect me. Not only am I master of the house, but also of the people in it.

I’m a Ransom, distantly. My father’s name was Vagrant Ransom. My mother’s maiden name was Requiem Draft. They’re both dead. My mother only had a sister left, Serkis, who helped raise me. My father was the cousin to my more infamous relations. Toryn, Urban, and Baroque – the three Ransom siblings that revolutionized the game. People still tell tales of them. Proof of the greatness that once was. I would live up to the title and make the name proud – as it deserves to be.

I’m an orphan, my mother’s only son. My aunt and her husband, Layne, run the actual business itself. What I mean is this – they control business. They hold my leash, theoretically. They raised me; I was bred to be a street demon. It was logical for me to be the top street demon. I come from a long line of demons – the Ransoms were notorious in their time.

So hence, I was notorious in mine.

I’m 16 years old. And I run the streets. I do this by choice. This is the life that I longed for. And got. Street leaders are usually ruthless, clever, and manipulative. Being that I was still alive, I figured that I had all of the above. Or at least enough to get by. I’m surviving, and that’s the best I can hope for in my line of work.

I had a hand in everything – the tattoo shop, the bar, the show. I came and went from one place to next, working if they were shorthanded. No matter what happened, I was still respected as the big bad.

I regretted being unable to meet my true family. But I didn’t obsess over it. I had a good upbringing, which I had to appreciate. As big and bad as I was, and would always be, I’m not bitter. I’m in control.

I demand strict loyalty from my street family. And they understand the cost of betrayal. As I said, I’m the man to run to, the man to run from. I serve the family, always, and in any way that I can. There’s been a long line of leaders before me. All dead by now. Very few are able to retire from this game. Lucidius managed it. I hope to be so lucky.

My name is Revere Ransom, Rev for short. Anywhere you go, ask around and you’ll find me. The thing that makes me amazing – I’ll find you first. Very seldom does anyone get the jump on me. Any one who did is probably dead by now. And if they’re not dead, they’re lying.

This is who I am and what I’ve come from. There are no second chances in life hence I only use forgiveness sparingly. Family always gets the benefit of the doubt. They are the only ones that are truly innocent until proven guilty. I mean my real family. My aunt and uncle, the rest of the crew that raised me – they receive the little warmth I possess.


I’m the street leader. I’m a guitarist. I’m a chain smoker. I’m a drinker.

And beyond all contestation – I’m a man.

Young as I may be, with the responsibility I carry, I consider myself an adult. And I expect to be treated as such.

My word is street law. I am the enforcer of justice.

This is the realm over which I hold the reins. For as long as unbiased luck would allow it. Fear isn’t permitted in this line of work. Layne and Lucid trust me with their business. My boys trust me. I will stand up to my name.

Rev Ransom, which I shout with pride. This I am, and will always be.

I’ve got streets to run, so as the line goes –

I’ll be seeing you.

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