Introduction: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.


Welcome to a story about life. This book, story, whatever you’d like to call it is about reality in general. The tale told is not true, yet it is based on many important factors from my own life. In other words, some of these things may be my own experiences to a certain extent. Things are stretched of course because after all, this is a story. It’s supposed to have morals, a main idea; be able to teach the reader something. What the reader gets out of this depends, of course, on the reader; because we all interpret things differently. Yet, there is an overall theme/message, which should be obvious as the story progresses. The story has a lot to it, so I tell the reader now to pay attention, things happen fast, try to remember as much as possible.

This story is dedicated to those who influenced it – society. There are no specific names to be mentioned, merely the fact that it is about real life, influenced by real people. It is written for the specific group in question. They are the true heroes, the true victors over society and they deserve the recognition. I don’t know the names of all of them that I’ve encountered but I do hope that one day they may read this. Why? Because this story is for them, about them, written by someone who can understand them. In my own way, I’ve been there, done that and would like to see if others may learn from my experience. It is they that this story is based on and we must honor that.

Some of them may be able to learn much from this, to see that they are not alone and get over their troubles. This story was written to the knowledge of only a few of my closest friends. I didn’t want my family to know because they couldn’t and wouldn’t understand. So, this story is for all those who’re “unique” in their own ways, ways that society as a whole cannot understand. They are the main characters, the beginning and the end. It is their lives that are the basis of this story. Society sees reality through a different view then that of everyone as individuals. I would like to hope that this story provides us with a basis to see the unfair prejudice in society and helps us make our own judgments.

Again, I stress that the reader not forget where this story originated. It came from how people appear and are perceived by others. These are my thoughts, my words. I would like the reader to attempt to understand where I’m coming from and to see my point. You can’t judge a book by its’ cover. When you picked this up to read, what did you think? Did this introduction pull you in right away or did you plan to give up after reading it? I would hope not, whether it pulled you in right away or you were considering giving it up. I’d like people to at least read through Chapter 1. If you don’t like it after that, then give it up. I would like people to see my point, that there are multiple morals to be found here. The reader has the job of finding and understanding them.

I hereby dedicate this story to all those people who didn’t even realize that they were so important in my life. I may have only spoken to them once but still, they’ve had an impact on my life. This story is dedicated to all the outcasts, the black-clad loners and all the rest. Everyone judges them as those who don’t fit in, yet, in my life and my story, they fit in perfectly. I shall allow the reader to consider now whether or not to go further with my tale. I leave you to your thoughts, but consider wisely. Be wary of your words for once the point is passed there is no return.

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