28. Nightmare’s End


Thanks for the dance. Sorry to have troubled you. I have something for you though, for your troubles, I hope you enjoy it, or at least pretend to try. Good luck to you and stay well in your travels. I’ll keep up my watch as best as I can manage. As always…always and forever.

Here is my pain.

Here is my madness.

To the Martyrs that died a martyr’s death.

To the demons that haunted my most unhappy dreams.

For your patience and dedication –

This is your just reward.

My words, etched here in untimely fashion,

This I give you.

Thank you for this chance,

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Hopeless,

Remember Always.

Always & Forever.

And when nothing stands the trials of time

All but ash is diminished to infinity.

With luck, or tragic optimism instead

Our epic legend may remain.

Ashes to Ashes – Dust to Dust.

And should my vulgar words fade away –

I pray the pictures shall remain.

For they are all the words in one

From now until Time’s come undone.

So here we stand, this I leave to you –

This is where the fairy tale ends.

Here is where the fiction bends.

Here’s the moral of it all,

The map to span our distant fall.

To Devotion that we could not sever –

Simply put? Always & Forever. 

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