1. Delusional


To the world that raised me, the family that nourished my growth and the friends who helped me establish myself in society.

To the ignorant, the arrogant, the foolish and enlightened – the structure that makes this existence like no other.

Here is a story of stories, my story. It has no end and no beginning, it simply is when it is, as it is and shall be. From this my identity is established.

Welcome to my world.

The small universe that I’ve made for myself as my life expands is open now to you, to your prying eyes, your ideals and decisions and motives.

This is for you, to you and all that will come afterward to see and be witness to, to understand and consider.

Simply to love . . .

Or hate.

And this is where I leave you, with this all to bear in mind as you consider the details of my story, of our epic tale. To understand, you’d have to live it, which is impossible. But to show you a vague glimpse, maybe that small show will be enough.

Enough for what? Enough to prove useful.

Enough to leave an impression on your mind; an impact in your soul.

Don’t think immediately, don’t break down and analyze right away, just take it all in the first time around. Anything after that doesn’t matter to me, just as long as you read without conviction, without judgment or consideration.

There’s no thought involved in reading. The true meaning will make itself known without you having to stop and think; it’ll sink into your subconscious eventually.

So . . . welcome.

I do hope that you enjoy, but be warned of what you’re going to read. It’s not the usual, because my life isn’t typical. It’s far from ordinary, extremely so.

You’re warned in advance of the amount of eccentricity you’ll encounter in this scrambled description of my existence.

So are you bold enough to continue? Or have I frightened you off.

Hold tight for the ride, keep the train on the tracks and bear in mind all I’ve told you in pretense. Don’t tell me what you think in the end, I don’t care.

Here’s to you, your patience and open-mindedness toward controversy, change and humanity. Here’s to your teachers, peers and acquaintances.

Enjoy the ramblings of a young fool and his more foolish compatriots; bear in mind all I’ve warned of and think blindly.

Again, to the basic idea –


Or Hate.

Decision is Destiny.

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