8. Legend Personified


Serkis Draft.

The name reads just as you say it.

Where the hell he found her, nobody knows. But she was something else. She completed him in eccentricity. But she had the attitude to make it work.

This girl was pierced, tattooed – fearless. An accurate physical description would take time – considering all the modifications. She drove fast, ran hard, and never quit on account of rain. She did what she had to, preserving herself along the way.

She filed in at Layne’s side – never before or after him unless absolutely necessary. How a girl like her could be devoted to anybody was a trick – but there she was. There would be no doubt of her devotion to him, all things considered.

It was pouring rain the first day she crept in at Layne’s side. She was introduced to Max immediately, shaking his hand and gracing him with a smile. Honestly, I think he felt trouble coming a mile away.

Serkis was some kind of force of nature.

I never spoke to her unless absolutely necessary. Her and Layne were like gods – conversation constituted blasphemy. She was bigger, older; all in all, she was bizarre.

She must have been a drifter of some kind – nobody ever came looking for her. Serkis was also an artist. The funny thing was this – for someone on the move, you’d think that her work would be small and mobile. None of it was. Currently, she worked with random pieces of metal or glass. Her medium depended on what was around. Her work shifted with the environment, sometimes with weather as well.

She had ideas, motivations. With Layne, anything could happen.

She was ambitious.

Serkis was a dream of a nightmare. But she struck them all blind. She had power in her eyes alone that commanded forces of any loyalty.

Devotion. And defiance.

Her entire being demanded respect. She knew this. And she used it to her advantage.

She was a gambler – but only on things she couldn’t lose.

Serkis was the living reminder of another long-lost legend. In a way, we all were. Serkis Draft, what a name.

She had Hell in the palm of her hand, the gleam of her eyes – and the world on a leash because of it.

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