Volume I: Forsaken

“Dedicated to the Outcasts. Dare Me Again.”


Volume II: The Unforgiven

“For the Hunter family. Devoted. Always & Forever.”


Volume III: We, the Damned

“To Darius & Declan.”


Volume IV: Shadow of a Legend

“Once Upon a Time, for a Girl I once Knew.”


Volume V: The Tragic End of Treason

“Dedicated to The Family. Without which, there would be no stories to tell. To the Self-Made Martyrs.”


Volume VI: And Introducing Harley Morrow as – Herself

“To Family…although the rings of the circus may be separate, they are continuous all the same.”


Volume VII: A Name Worth Dying For

“To the Earthshakers and Troublemakers. It’s Been Real.”


Volume VIII: Inherited Dysfunction

“To Unfinished Business, Assumed Chaos, And a General Preference Toward Madness.”


Volume IX: The Act of Sauntering Vaguely

“To Continuity.”


Volume X: The Industry of Chemical Artistry – or – The Age of Rockism

“To the old souls, the hard lives, and the Saints of Sinners. To Going Down Swinging.”


Volume XI: The Devastation Epidemic

“Salvaged by Saints and Sinners. Made for Madmen and Martyrs. For Fallen Angels and Fools. Powered by Prophets. To my Darkest Dreamers – may you always be soldiers against sin and visions of virtue. If Only.”


Volume XII: The Benevolent & Brutal

None At This Time


Volume XIII: Sex is Love is Violence

“To Strength in Weakness – Come & See.”


Volume XIV: The Story of You

Currently In Progress


Volume XV: To Stand Before Kings

None At This Time

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