Want to buy books? You’ve come to the right place! They’re available physically or digitally through Amazon. If you can’t decide between the two formats, opt for physical and for $1 more you can snag the digital copy as well!

Volume I: Forsaken

Volume II: The Unforgiven

Volume III: We, the Damned

Volume IV: Shadow of a Legend

Volume V: The Tragic End of Treason

Volume VI: And Introducing Harley Morrow as – Herself

Volume VII: A Name Worth Dying For

Volume VIII: Inherited Dysfunction

Volume IX: The Art of  Sauntering Vaguely

Volume X: The Industry of Chemical Artistry – or – The Age of Rockism


Want to trade copies with other readers online? Or perhaps negotiate with the Author to try and snag a free copy? Maybe you’d like signed ones? Head on over to the Forums and post away and I’ll be happy to barter like a proper Rogue. Though if you can’t find someone to trade books with, perhaps it’s time to bring a few more readers into the fold with the power of suggestion *wink wink nudge nudge*



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