Volumes I – II


Volume I – Forsaken Quotes


  • “Welcome to a story about life.”
  • “Be wary of your words for once the point is passed there is no return.”

Chapter 1

  • “These are the people that the world forgot.”
  • “I know it’s a day day, but it may brighten.”
  • “I am what you see.”
  • “…like one wrong word and I would shatter.”

Chapter 2

  • “The dictionary defines an outcast as the following: a person who is excluded or a homeless person.”
  • “The morning is a time of peace of serenity, why shatter it with profanity?”
  • “Times change, people change. That’s the way it goes. You learn to get used to it, to carry on, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”
  • “Contemplation over the logic over the remark is what is necessary to prove and/or disprove it.”

Chapter 3

  • “There is a theory that states that our destinies are predetermined, that our lives have already been planned, we just have to live them through.”
  • “Anywhere but here.”
  • “But he was fighting for innocence, I for vengeance, which was a much stronger adversary.”

Chapter 4

  • “Who is the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”
  • “To know what the right thing is, and to actually do it are two completely different things though.”
  • “I want to see the day when my life finally makes sense, when I can say that I’ve learned from my mistakes, from my grief.”
  • “Tomorrow is the day that determines my destiny, my future; all I can do is watch and wait.”

Chapter 5

  • “A basic rule of society is to attack the small groups of outcasts, or more importantly the lone ones.”
  • “Nobody is perfect, no matter how much they appear to be so.”
  • “One can only tolerate so much of what?”
  • “Yet here I stood – looking onto a scene that wouldn’t focus, forming memories I wouldn’t remember.”
  • “I don’t fear evil for the only evil I now know is inside me, and if I cannot know myself, I cannot know fear.”

Chapter 6

  • “The truth of the matter is you can use all the fancy words you want but that won’t change things.”
  • “Fear can be beaten with enough hope.”

Chapter 8

  • “Why should I listen to you when  you’re headed the same way I am?”
  • “Age and wisdom so not go hand in hand.”
  • “I just needed a bit of sleep.”

Chapter 10

  • “We’ll see what turns out in the end.”

Chapter 13

  • “Most things come with a second chance.”
  • “Enjoy damnation.”
  • “I did it because…I could.”
  • “He had chanced fate, and lost.”
  • “We are born, and from that very day we are dying.”

Chapter 15

  • “Live and learn.”
  • “From the ashes we rose as one.”


  • “We are simply left to wander.”
  • “Welcome to my world.”


Volume II – The Unforgiven Quotes

Chapter 1

  • “Nothing, there’s not a damned thing that you can do.”
  • “Someone once told me that you can beat logic with enough imagination, another with enough reason?”
  • “Time seems to go slower when there is guilt to be had.”

Chapter 2

  • “We feel sorry for them because they’ll always fit in.”

Chapter 3

  • “The risk was part of everything.”

Chapter 4

  • “No textbook ever told me about the important stuff, and they never will.”
  • “Nobody gets hurts.”

Chapter 5

  • “Thieves, but what were we going to steal?”
  • “Were we prepared for what tomorrow would hold? Of course not, but is anyone ever prepared to die?”
  • “So it goes, and so we went.”
  • “Simple, well, it was supposed to be.”
  • “Nobody gets hurt. Everybody comes out alive.”
  • “What do you mean, he didn’t make it?”

Chapter 6

  • “He would have taken on Heaven above or Hell below just to get going.”
  • “We were the only ones that could screw ourselves over now.”
  • “Hopeless Martyrs.”
  • “That’s the way society works, crooked and cruel.”
  • “Tomorrow would be better, hopefully.”

Chapter 7

  • “Life never was fair, was it?”

Chapter 8

  • “Have you ever gotten so completely lost within yourself that you don’t know what’s real and what isn’t?”
  • “I wondered for days how long it took them to actually shut that door and go on with their lives.”

Chapter 9

  • “We all stood frozen in a world of tranquility, where only the weak dared to pass judgment.”

Chapter 10

  • “The insane rule the world, blaming the idealists for their faults.”

Chapter 11

  • “What’s loyalty worth if you’ve got to die to prove it.”
  • “My conscience screams righteousness at me but all I hear is treason; all I can understand is betrayal.”
  • “Lead us Not into Temptation. Deliver us from Evil.”

Chapter 13

  • “Sometimes faith just doesn’t give enough answers.”
  • “All that would remain is silence.”

Chapter 14

  • “I believe that there is truly no rest for the wicked, and maybe that’s justice at work.”
  • “If love proves real.”
  • “My sobs were my lullabies as a child; my pain was my blanket.”
  • “Always and  Forever…”
  • “I believe firmly and thoroughly that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.”
  • “I want to live. I want to fight and bleed and cry and know that I was alive before I die.”
  • “I want to be more than I am, more than I could and should be. I want to redefine the odds, turn the tables and make the cut. I want to be free.
  • “I will repay my debts and owe nothing and everything to nobody and everybody.”
  • “And what do I find there to sing me to sleep? Devotion.”

Chapter 15

  • “He was someone’s someone, he was someone’s child and someone’s complete nobody.”
  • “It I don’t think about it, it’s not real.”

Chapter 16

  • “Imagine waking up and everything you thought you knew was different.”
  • “All things worth doing take great amounts of effort, I would make this work.”
  • “Maybe I’m just naive.”
  • “Ultimately, we’re all headed in the same direction; it’s foolish to waste your time on technicalities.”
  • “All you need is devotion. Absolute devotion.”

Chapter 17

  • “When good people die, when good blood is spilt, a good lesson better be lurking somewhere underneath the red dye.”
  • “They are forever and always.”
  • “This is where I belong.”
  • “There’s no reason to quit on people, none.”
  • “I can’t quit.”
  • “Anything you value is worth bleeding over.”

Chapter 18

  • “Here’s to another time and another place – to after never, before now, between always and forever – my eternity.”
  • “Stay back, it might be contagious.”
  • “No rest for the wicked.”
  • “The martyrs died today, I watched them bleed and the world was reborn. As their world was reborn, mine shattered and I came to hate oblivion for the madness it had cost. I’d tell you why they died and what for, but I’ll be joining them shortly…”
  • “Can you imagine?”
  • “Every beginning is an ending somewhere, you know?”
  • “Because the day I quit is the day I die.”
  • “A drowning man takes everybody down with him.”
  • “Once you start to bend, you’ll forget what it is to stand straight.”

Chapter 19

  • “The danger doesn’t come from believing a lie; the danger comes from making the idea popular enough to get others to follow.”
  • “In times of change, new ideas are born of eccentricity measured by madness.”
  • “The thin line between insane and genius is measured only by devotion.”
  • “The art of life is contradiction.”
  • “Suicide is contagious.”

Chapter 20

  • “I am nothing more than fiction. I am yours. Now and Forever. Always and Never.”

Chapter 21

  • “Welcome to the beginning of the end.”
  • “We would square off and take the world head on and see who was still standing, and that one would carry the other.”

Chapter 22

  • “I am my own savior.”
  • “You can’t put a gun to the head of Fate and make things work in your favor.”
  • “The hardest thing to do in this world is survive in it.”
  • “Take your chances and get out of bed, everything after that…is risk.”

Chapter 23

  • “If there was no challenge, nobody would push onward, there would be no point and the world would be filled with mediocre fools that do everything halfway for lack of motivation to be better.”
  • “Damn the laws that sets wicked men free.”

Chapter 24

  • “Only the strong of heart and mind survive.”

Chapter 25

  • “Here’s to our triumphs and tribulations, keep a place warm for me, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Chapter 26

  • “The gods would cry, and I’d only push harder because only with blood and tears can you resurrect a martyr.”
  • “It’s a tragedy to see a god cry.”
  • “Weak? I don’t know the meaning of the world. And as for dangerous…that’s life.”
  • “I was nothing more than fiction.”

Chapter 27

  • “People are society; the only hope of change lies in people.”

Chapter 28

  • “And should my vulgar words fade away – I pray the pictures shall remain. For they are all the words in one. From now until Time’s come undone. So here we stand, this I leave to you – This is where the fairy tale ends. This is where the fiction bends. Here’s the moral of it all, the map to span our distant fall. To devotion that we could not sever – Simply put? Always & Forever.”


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