Volumes III – IV


Volume III – We, the Damned

Chapter 1

  • “Decision is Destiny.”

Chapter 2

  • “There are some purposes to survival, but very few – to achieve great things requires a lifetime of dedication – you can’t start something great and then walk away. What you do in life follows you forever, riding on the coattails of your memory.”
  • “Each day’s a chance to turn it all around; today was just another fleeting chance.”

Chapter 3

  • “All of life is pain and suffering, anger and hate, and in the cycle of never-ending salvation and suffering, I’m the dancing fool at the end of the tunnel, the ignorant jester who does nothing but smile and babble heresy while chanting hypocritical nonsense to confuse more sane-minded individuals.”
  • “The threshold of change stood between Heaven and Hell, awaiting the ignorant. And he arrived and was man, void of conviction or any fear of his fellow man. All tradition lost, the world was new.”
  • “We were then as we are now, and always will be.”

Chapter 4

  • “Hell is never really “real” until you can feel the heat of the flames.”
  • “Here’s to beating the system one last time.”

Chapter 5

  • “If I could cause her pain without conviction, then I could handle anything.”
  • “Nothing truly worthwhile is accomplished through talk and planning, only through action does change come.”
  • “I worked by day, ravaged society by night and was merry.”
  • “Ignorance deserves no reward, save time and silence. And of course, pain.”

Chapter 6

  • “The decision wasn’t mine to make, only the hardship mine to carry.”
  • “My sacrifice would be their salvation.”
  • “The city was surreal at such an hour, as the benevolent and the brutal slept together peacefully.”

Chapter 7

  • “The miraculous slumber of the damned -“
  • “Torn between sanity and the illogical, there we were; abandoned by society with nothing to consider but the truth, the honest truth.”

Chapter 8

  • “The gang mentality is complex, yet similar to an infection.”
  • “To be part of a family, that’s all I really wanted.”
  • “Bottom line – humanity is wasted on the humane.”
  • “From them I learned the art of deception, I learned to shrug off offense and to be patient to achieve one’s desires.”
  • “I wasn’t afraid – I’m a product of consequence.”
  • “So here’s to you, for it is only in your heart that our tale may hold bearing.”

Chapter 9

  • “The main idea is this – the war started because man fell victim to his own brutality.”
  • “If by nothing else, we were united by conflict.”
  • “And I awake one day and all the world was new and changed, horribly disfigured and grotesque, cruel and brutal, and I cried when I saw the shadow of what had been, and cried until I could cry no longer and stared at the vastness, realizing only then that it wasn’t a dream.”

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