Story Summaries




Volume I: Forsaken

Faith Nolan was celebrating her Sweet 16, which was anything but. After a series of unfortunate tragedies strike her family, this social outcast finds herself captive in the house of the successful James family, the ironic foil to her family’s dysfunctions. Despite the apparently perfect image of the James’, she finds that nothing is as it appears on the surface.

High school dramas, youth gang scuffles and a string of murders pollute Faith’s life as she works with her brother Declan to survive. Through an unconventional belief in what it means to be family, the siblings endure the near endless turmoil of their lives. With a cast of eclectic characters weaving the story into a coming of age tale of loss, hardship, and strength.


Volume II: The Unforgiven

Detective Damien Thompson is doing his best to contend with local gangs whose beliefs and superstitions are well beyond his comprehension. Despite the clear demands of his badge, he finds himself plagued with nightmares from his youth of lost friends and dangerous enemies. A hoodlum in his younger days, he is able to sympathize with those he enforces, but at what point does recklessness go too far?

As he questions who he’s become as a man and detective, he relives the past that has forged his very being. The loss of the love of his life haunts him constantly despite his efforts to the contrary, a consequence of his darker life. Despite the sins of childhood will the man he has become redeem him or will the darkness swallow his convictions?


Volume III: We, the Damned

Once upon a time, two lovers decided that they would cheat time and live forever. They built a family on the streets of misfits and delinquents, setting out to take on the world together. As a unit, there would be no force beyond their control – until a jealous rival seeks to burn their contentment. A vision of a family where blood is insignificant, the cast endures both in past and present as they illustrate the adults their youth brought them to become.

As the young gang of friends is tormented by premature deaths of their peers, they are forced to find it within themselves to evaluate what is more important to live, and die, for. Darius and Raine Drake are the foundation of this group of sinners desperately hoping to prove the strength of wisdom, honor, and most importantly – love.


Volume IV: Shadow of a Legend

If someone told you a story, would you accept everything to be true just because they swear it is so? Harvey Riley happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a gang member murdered his mark on the street. Intrigued by the idea of slowly deteriorating something beautiful, young Vincent toys with his prey until the inevitable moment where he must tie up loose ends from his crime.

Harvey must sort through what she considers to be her last relevant days of her life, trying to decide what identity she will leave behind and how the world will carry her legacy. Having inherited a fascination with storytelling from her mother, Harvey carries on the burden of surviving as an outcast in a hostile world previously established in relating stories.


Volume V: The Tragic End of Treason

They say that nothing truly changes, and the retired hoodlums of the block set out to prove it. Dean Crowe left behind his life of danger and deceit hoping to get by just like everybody else – until a broken young girl falls into his lap. Finding himself dragged in the current turf war, he must decide where the boring yet safe life he’s been living is worth sacrificing in order to defend the greater good. Despite the protests of his friends, the retired gangsters must return to a world they were fortunate enough to escape once already.

However not all things are as they seem, and as Dean rushes toward his proposed salvation, all the unanswered issues from his past raise their head searching for blood. He must make amends with his friends, enemies, and self as he struggles to survive a war he has disowned years before, discovering that his purpose in this entire ordeal was more than he could have ever conceived.






Volume VI: And Introducing Harley Morrow As – Herself

Beneath every great city there is another world hidden from prying eyes where the desperate go for sanctuary. Harley was a normal, confused teenage girl searching for her place in the world when she was called to the Serkis. The locals offer her the opportunity of a lifetime as the leader of their underground show; she can find no cause to refuse. However as the true purpose of this sanctuary is revealed and she finds herself in way over her head in an ongoing blood feud, Harley must survive in a brutal world where loyalty is everything. As she discovers the true meaning of family, she is pushed to the limit, making decisions that will define her for all eternity. The Serkis’ conception and execution will resonant with the community for years to come as the locals highlight the importance of distraction in their otherwise blood soaked lives.



Volume VII: A Name Worth Dying For

The rival families Merrick, Ransom and Hunter all bear children that come of age together in the continued battle for gang supremacy. Hoping to find some sort of camaraderie amongst each other, the Trio of Treason is reborn through Maven, Rev and Angyl. Connecting the dots from their families’ legacies and realizing that only they can make amends for past mistakes, the kids work on how to make the adults realize the futility of the ongoing power struggle. Highlighting some of the pivotal moments in local history, the kids must make lasting decisions about the impression they leave behind for future generations.


Volume VIII: Inherited Dysfunction

Relic Mason is the first true resident to be born into the Serkis lifestyle, the living example on the toll on the neighborhood youth. Daughter of crime boss Lucid and bartender Harley, she works to define herself as living in between destiny and weakness. While she tries to decide which of her parents’ professions will suit her best, a killer is on the loose searching for redemption. Wrongfully accused of murdering Relic’s family, Dacien Ransom is on the hunt for anyone that could clear her name. As these opposite figures struggle to survive their lifestyles, they realize that only true forgiveness can be found through the other. With every step closer Dacien takes to being exonerated, Relic finds herself uncovering more and more of her dark origins than she had intended.


Volume IX: The Art of Sauntering Vaguely

Deacon Burton constantly found herself faced with a difficult life, running at every chance she could in order to stay one step ahead of the chaos. Shifting back and forth from town to town, she returns to the city in hopes of finally finding peace from the ghosts of her past. Needing work, she takes refuge in a familiar bar, only to discover that she is back in the life she had left behind as a child. The blood war between families has only intensified, and Deacon finds herself on the wrong end of a very unforgiving Ransom. Trying to keep one step ahead of the enemy, Deacon must face her fears and make decisions that will ultimately decide the fate of an empire.


Volume X: The Industry of Chemical Artistry – or – the Age of Rockism

Having survived the general collapse of power, Deacon Burton returns to carry on the tale of rebuilding the crew. However, with no war to fight, she’s fallen into a state of drug induced stupor and disarray. Reduced to the rank of glorified groupie she wastes her days and nights supporting the boys’ local band at the bar. When her father’s health takes an unexpected turn for the worst, she must straighten up and be the sister she never intended to be. An overbearing older brother and unruly younger sister leave Deacon in the middle of an involuntary detox. When the complications seem at their height, the Ransom family returns again to complicate things. With the war ended, even a crime boss needs entertainment, and Dacien Ransom refuses to give up on her favorite plaything – Deacon.  As Deacon’s life collapses, the neighborly Edward Dorrance searches for meaning in the history of the streets, forging his own artistic character that could forever alter what it means to suffer. As the two struggle against overwhelming enemies bent on their destruction, each must emerge to play their respective roles as saint and sinner to the community.


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