Volume I Cast


The original outcasts of Volume I.

Primary Characters

  • Faith Nolan, 16 – (first appearance) Narrator. Outcast. Quiet. Mind constantly in motion. Devoted younger sister to Declan.
  • Declan Nolan, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Protective older brother to Faith. Hard working. Moral. Warm.
  • Gavin Riley, 18 – (first appearance) Street demon. Hooligan. Suspicious. Loyal.
  • Hope James, 21 – (first appearance) Narrator. Criminal. Murderer. Eldest James child.
  • Michael James, 18 – (first appearance) High school jock. Arrogant. Ignorant. Pushy.

Secondary Characters

  • Peter & Mary Martin, ~60s – (first appearance) Elderly parents of Kate Nolan. Dead. Heirs create a central conflict.
  • Frank & Kate Nolan, ~40s – (first appearance) Parents of Declan and Faith. Complicated. Grieving. Clueless.
  • Thomas Martin, ~40s – (first appearance) Kate’s Sister. Useless. Lazy. Jealous. Manipulative.
  • Rob, 17 – (first appearance) Loyal soldier of Gavin’s.
  • Julie, 17 – (first appearance) Loyal soldier of Gavin’s.
  • Mr. & Mrs. James, ~50s – (first appearance) Parents of Faith, Mike and Catherine. Kind hearted doctor and unstable socialite. Complex.
  • Catherine James, 12 – (first appearance) Youngest James child. Pure. Innocent. Hopeful.

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