Volume II Cast


Meet the haunted hoodlums of Volume II.

Primary Characters

  • Damien Thompson, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Haunted. Young hooligan. Adult detective. Possessed by guilt. Wounded.
  • Seth Shortt, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Damien’s best friend. Blinded by conviction. Proud to a fault.
  • Eileen Holmes, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Upbeat. Positive team member. Actress. Blunt.
  • Melissa Riley, 17 – (first appearance) Narrator. Damien’s great love. Tortured. Unbalanced. Emotionally vulnerable.
  • Justin Connor, 18 – (first appearance) Devious. Madman. Criminal. Mastermind.
  • Vincent Merrick, 19 – (first appearance) Street Boss. Murderer. Malicious. Unpredictable. Controlling. The Villain.
  • Toryn Ransom, 15 – (first appearance) Vincent’s Right Hand Girl. Seductive. Powerful. Dangerous. Battle-torn.
  • Entropy Hunter, ~20s – (first appearance) Endless.
  • Elysium Merrick, ~20s – (first appearance) Endless. 

Secondary Characters

  • Andrea Riley, 17 – (first appearance) Narrator. Melissa’s baby sister. Unknown.
  • Angela Radley, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Justin’s girl. Skeptical. Uneasy. Protective of her kin.
  • Josephine Radley, 16 – (first appearance) Angela’s baby sister. Naive. Trusting. Artistically talented.
  • Gustave Wolfe, 17 – (first appearance) Loyal soldier. Contemplative. Wanderer.
  • Leo “Locke” Cross, 16 – (first appearance) Brave. Young. Foolish. Protective older brother.
  • Shawn Miller, 19 – (first appearance) Narrator. Christine’s love. Logical. Rational.
  • Christine Brant, 19 – (first appearance) Narrator. Shawn’s love. Caring. Compassionate.


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