Volume III Cast


Volume III demonstrated the danger of being Damned.

Note: Volume III time jumps pretty severely. These ages are at first appearance of these characters and may increase by as much as 21 years.

Primary Characters

  • Raine Drake, 18 – (first appearance) Narrator. Kind. Compassionate. Ruled by love. Darius’ eventual husband. Observant. Dutiful.
  • Darius Riddle, 17 – (first appearance) Narrator. Creative. Submits to Raine’s devotion. Conflicted. Pliable. 
  • Draven Riddle, 19 – (first appearance) Darius’ older brother. Delusional. Controlling. Erratic. Controlled by pure emotion.
  • Cicero Merrick, 23 – (first appearance) Narrator. Enemy. Killer. Manipulative. Cruel. Abused.
  • Madison Riddle, 16 – (first appearance) Narrator. Naive. Trusts implicitly. Pure. Strong hearted. Draven’s great love. Sketch’s daughter.
  • Syrius, 20 – (first appearance) Clever. Cocky. A true friend. Loyal. Wise yet Wary. A soldier at heart.
  • Entropy Hunter, ~20s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.
  • Elysium Merrick, ~20s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.

Secondary Characters

  • Sketch, 45 – (first appearance) Tattoo shop owner. Madison & Faye’s father. Paternal figure. Protector and confidante.
  • Faye, 16 – (first mention) Syrius’ love. Sketch’s daughter. Deceased for 2 years at this time.
  • Cid, ~50s – (first appearance) Darius’ uncle. Unpleasant. Abusive. Unaware.
  • Pike, 18 – (first appearance) Tattoo artist. Heir of the Dragon. Syn’s lad.
  • Syn, 17 – (first appearance) Tattoo artist. Pike’s lady. Mostly mute. Intense.
  • Doyle Merrick, Born – (first appearance) Cicero’s bastard heir. Headstrong. Fearless. Powerful. Warm despite his roots.
  • Pandora Riddle, Born – (first appearance) Child of Draven & Madison. Hopeful. Bright. Original Trio of Treason.
  • Payge Drake, Born – (first appearance) Child of Raine & Darius. Warm. Understanding. Twin to Dante. Original Trio of Treason.
  • Dante “Set” Drake, Born – (first appearance) Child of Raine & Darius. Cold. Slightly Abrasive. Original Trio of Treason.
  • Harvey Hunter, 18 – (first mention) Deceased for 7 years at this time.
  • Magus Merrick, 18 – (first mention) Deceased for 7 years at this time.

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