Volume IV Cast


Learn about the legendary lies of Volume IV.

Primary Characters

  • Lyric Riley, 17 – (first appearance) Narrator. Daughter of Gavin. Delusional. Unfortunate. Idealistic. Trusting. Obsessive. Lonesome.
  • Jack, ?? – (first appearance) Trusted Confident. Silent Partner. Watchful Friend. Lyric’s Guardian and Protector.
  • Draven Riddle, 32 – (first appearance, V.3) Darius’ Elder Brother. Intense. Determined. Protective. Blind to Reason.
  • Pike, 31 – (first appearance) Owner of the Black Dragon Tattoo Shop. Syn’s Other Half. Quiet. Friendly.
  • Syn, 30 – (first appearance) Owner of the Black Dragon Tattoo Shop. Pike’s Other Half. Assumed Mute.
  • Vincent Merrick, 19 – (first appearance) Gang Leader. Deviant. Illegitimate Son of Cicero. Manipulative. Murderous.
  • Deklyn Nolan, 19 – (first appearance) Eldest Son of Declan. Vincent’s Right Hand. Compassionate. Ambitious.
  • Entropy Hunter, ~20s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.
  • Elysium Merrick, ~20s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.

Secondary Characters

  • Gavin Riley, 35 – (first appearance, V.1) Father of Lyric. Blind. Wise. Retired Cop.
  • Declan Nolan, 37 – (first appearance, V.1) Father of Deklyn, Salem and Room. Protective.
  • Salem Nolan, 15 – (first appearance) Dekyln’s younger brother.
  • Rook Nolan, 17 – (first appearance) Deklyn’s younger sister.
  • Raine Drake, 31 – (first appearance, V.3) Husband to Darius. Father of Payge & Set. Devoted. Loving.
  • Darius Riddle, 30 – (first appearance, V.3) Wife to Raine. Younger Sister to Draven. Mother of Payge & Set. Loyal. Strong.
  • Bekka, 16 – (first appearance) Gang member. Ally to Vincent. Careless.
  • Dyre Ruin, 19 – (first appearance) Tattoo Artist. Stubborn. Skeptical.
  • Artemis Tyme, 43 – (first appearance) Undertaker. Vincent’s Adoptive Father.

Deceased References

  • Julie (first appearance, V.1)
  • Sketch (first appearance, V.3)
  • Madison (first appearance, V.3)
  • Magus Merrick (first mention, V.3)
  • Harvey Hunter – (first mention, V.3)
  • Cicero Merrick (first appearance, V.3)
  • Erika Merrick (first mention)
  • Jasper Merrick (first mention)

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