Volume V Cast


The tyranny of treason finds a home in Volume V’s team.

Note: Volume V time jumps, referring to events that conspired years previous to present. Part 2 occurs 2 years after the end of Part 1. Ages reflect characters’ first presence in text.

Primary Characters

  • Dean “Havok” Crowe, 21 – (first appearance) Narrator. Unreliable. Retired Hooligan. Leader of Misfits. Purveyor of Sins. Soldier of Misfortune.
  • Galat, 21 – (first appearance) Friend to Dean. Retired Gangster. Rational. Reliable.
  • Toryn Ransom, 20 – (first appearance, V.2) Narrator. Manipulative. Doctor to the Damned. Loyal. Prideful.
  • Marcellus Mason, 19 – (first appearance) Crime Boss. Torturous. Immoral. Brutal. Cruel. Elder Brother to Dev.
  • Dev Mason, 17 – (first appearance) Victimized. Witness. Runaway. Weak.
  • Urban Ransom, 21 – (first appearance) Elder Brother to Toryn. Separate Crime Boss. Conniving. Vicious. Broken.
  • Baroque Ransom, 17 – (first appearance) Younger Sister to Toryn. Vulnerable.
  • Vagrant Ransom, 19 – (first appearance) Cousin to Toryn. Virtuous. Controlling. Protective. Understanding.
  • Saint Crowe, 23 – (first appearance) Narrator. Estranged Brother to Dean. Unintentional Deviant. Muscle for Urban.
  • Entropy Hunter, ~30s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.
  • Elysium Merrick, ~30s – (first appearance, V.2) Endless.

Secondary Characters

  • Pike, 36 – (first appearance, V.3) Owner of the Black Dragon. Tattoo Artist. Naive.
  • Syn, 35 – (first appearance, V.3) Owner of the Black Dragon. Purveyor of Family Secrets. Architect of Fate.
  • Payge Drake, 16 – (first appearance, V.3) Daughter of Legacy. Twin to Dante. Founder of the Trio of Treason. Compassionate. Caring.
  • Dante “Set” Drake, 16 – (first appearance, V.3) Son of Legacy. Twin to Payge. Founder of the Trio of Treason. Watchful. Clever.
  • Pandora Riddle, 10 – (first appearance, V.3) Founder of the Trio of Treason. Daughter of Madness. Closed in. Peculiar. Curious.
  • Damien “Klyde” Thompson, 35 – (first appearance, V.2) Assassin for the Endless. Corrupt. Empty. Heartbroken.
  • Hadrien, 25 – (first appearance) Bar Owner. Morgan’s Elder Brother. Reasonable. Responsible. Hot Tempered.
  • Morgan, 21 – (first appearance) Bartender. Younger Sister to Hadrien. A Target.
  • Lyre, ~20s – (first appearance) Soldier. Marcellus’ Pawn.
  • Ashe Ruin, 19 – (first appearance) Younger Brother to Dyre. Ambitious. Soldier to Dean. Eager to Impress.
  • Dyre Ruin, 24 – (first appearance, V.4) Tattoo Artist. Stubborn. Carrier of Heavy Sins. Retired Hoodlum.
  • Relic Hunter, Born – (first appearance, V.2) Dyre’s child. Murdered by Vincent.
  • Vincent Merrick, 20 – (first appearance, V.2) Deceased for 4 years at this time.
  • John “Joke” & Frain Ransom, ~40s – (first mention) – Deceased for unknown period of time.


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