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Kristen Maloney – Writer / Grinning Rogue

I started writing when I was 12 to settle an argument with a friend. That was roughly 15 years ago. I am not classically or even remotely trained. However, I do not believe that should ever stop anybody from doing something they enjoy, so here we are. Over a million words and 2000 pages later, I decided it was about time to share some of this mad journey with you. When I’m not writing hundreds of pages, I occasionally sell electronics and lose myself in fantasy realms. You can find me defeating terrorists, saving princesses and exploring underwater cities. From time to time, I design a tattoo or three. I am actively learning how to play guitar in between new story concepts, of which I may or may not be writing anywhere from 1 to 4 at once.

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Twitter: @InkandMoxie



Melissa Manzi – Editor in Chief / Resident Partner in Crime


At the age of 4, I started writing. By 7, I had multiple school awards under my belt. When I turned 11, I learned through a near-expulsion and a very uncomfortable meeting with the principle the importance of having a second person read your work before doing anything with it. Thus, I began editing. It may be a career if something involving small children doesn’t win my heart first. Instead of sleeping, which I never do, I spend my time devouring books like a fiend, dying my hair, developing a late-night love affair with video games and watching Disney movies. I also own a most unique pet. She howls and growls plenty, but not to worry, she never bites. I’ve got that part covered.

Beka Hollander – Illustrator / Creative Genius Extraordinaire


I play games, tell bad jokes, and draw things. Currently, I’m drawing a blank. I’m bad at biographies.

You can find out about other things I’m bad at here. (Careful; it’s sometimes NSFW.)

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