Under the Big Top


Welcome to the Rogue Press.


“Where the hell am I?”

That’s a bit trickier. You are at the heart of my literary dominion.


Once upon a time, a 12 year old girl wrote a story. And then another. And another…and before she knew it, things got a bit out of hand. Now she’s all grown up and has thousands of finished pages to contend with and no idea how.

“Why not just publish digitally via Amazon/BookTango/Google/iBooks?”

You see, I tried that. It’s a bit of a hard bargain to convince people to buy into a body of work they know nothing about, even with those few sample pages. Some books need time to grow. Time to live and take flight in your mind. Some are just not your cup of tea. Either way, it’s not a single page process in the majority of cases.

“Perhaps you have a point.”

Thank you.

“So what are you doing instead?”

I’m publishing my novels in a blog format, with regular updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“Wait a minute, this sounds like something I’ll need to sign up for, what’s the catch? What will all this cost me?”

The low, low price of FREE.

“Seriously, what’s the catch?”

There isn’t one. I have a lot of work to share. Literally, thousands of pages. And I would like to do so, readers willing. Some old, some new, some borrowed…you know where I’m going with this. But you – readers, subscribers, what have you – have no obligations. You don’t have to pay a fee or anything, just come read some of my madness, see how you feel about it, free of charge. If you like what you find here, please, pull up a chair and stay awhile. And if you don’t, no hard feelings. No harm, no foul.

“What is all this writing nonsense about?”

Now that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? It’s mostly about people, people killing people, quite frankly. For art, for love, for names, for any of the million reasons people make foolish, irrational decisions. I would argue they’re some sort of fictional drama in an alternate universe to ours. Don’t worry, all the same laws of physics tend to apply, though death can be a tricky notion.

The stories are non-linear in context, so despite our efforts to publish in a tangible order, they’re still something you can pick up and read at any volume. I number things to keep them organized in my mind. Generations in the same family may overlap over the years, but they’re designed to stand solo. So please, don’t be overwhelmed by the bulk.

“If you wrote all this nonsense, why the hell are there other people running around?”

Because those people are fantastic, first off. Second, I decided that the best way to draw interest into a massive wall of text was to think outside the box a tad. I’m not much for detail writing, as some of you may learn, because I’m fascinated with every person’s vision of my characters being unique. However, over the years I’ve come to learn that’s not as fun as one might think. So for you visual learners out there, I’m partnering up with a wonderfully talented illustrator to bring these stories to life in a way that should speak at a greater volume. Also, I’m sort of curious to put faces to the names myself, so let’s call it a joint experiment we’re all a part of.

“Aren’t you worried about legality? People stealing your work? Wicked, deviant Internet trolls?”

Sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith. If I was in this to become rich and famous, I would be a little more worried about those details. But I would like someone, anyone, to get some sort of enjoyment out of my lifetime of work. Though I won’t turn away a few bucks. We’ve all got rent to pay. Let me worry about the logistics, you just worry about the reading.

“So I just swing by, three times a week, and you’ll have a new chapter up?”

Sure will, life willing. I’ve got a great deal of backlog to work through, so we should be set for some time.

“What if I would rather just buy a book to take with me, like a normal human?”

We can discuss those details. I’m very flexible. Actually, I’m not, physically speaking. But in terms of finding a way for people to access my work and share it, I’m all about it. I’m literally giving it away, so please, enjoy it, share it, tell others about the crazy kids blogging a novel series if you’d like. And if there’s enough demand for compiled books, digital or physical, I will endeavor to make that happen.

“How come you started with Volume VI? What happened to the first 5? How many are there?

Volumes I to XIII and XV are complete. As XIV is a collection of short stories, it’s a work in progress. And I started with VI because I tend to write in sets of 5, and the middle set sounded the most fun. Allowed for growing in both directions, you see? And the early set was written when I was terribly young…not that they’re bad, but hardly my best first impression. As interesting as beginnings and assumed endings are, I believe very strongly in the power of the middle.

“So what am I waiting for?”

Exactly! If you’ll kindly turn your attention to the center ring, I believe we’ll soon be underway…

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