Volume VI Cast


Profiles of the Volume VI deviants.


Primary Characters

harley - title0

  • Hadley “Harley” Morrow, 16 – (first appearance) Narrator. Bar owner’s niece. Naïve. Malleable young girl in search of adventure and rebellion.

serkis - title0

  • Serkis Draft, 18 – (first appearance) Devious. Manipulative. Dangerous. Layne’s girl. Mysterious. Fiercely loyal.

layne - title0

  • Layne Solace, 18 – (first appearance) Calm. Serkis’ saner half. Devoted. Used as currency to pay off a debt.

requiem - title0

  • Requiem Draft, 17 – (first appearance) Serkis’ sister. Also Manipulative, master of misinformation.

gothik - title0

  • Art “Gothik”, 18 – (first appearance) Co-Founder of the Serkis. Unstable.

grey - title0

  • Grey Solace, 16 – (first appearance) Layne’s baby brother. Cocky. Foolhardy. Unpredictable.

pandora - title0

  • Pandora Riddle, 18 –(first appearance V.3) Head Bartender. Child of a Madman.

vagrant - title0

  • Vagrant Ransom, 26 – (first appearance V.5) Uncertain. Powerful. Controlling.

doyle - title0

  • Doyle Merrick, 29 – (first appearance V.3) Street Boss. Heartless. Bred for Brutality.

cassidy - title0

  • Cassidy Brogan, 32 – (first appearance) Street Demon. Acting Crime Boss. Eldest Brogan son. Dealer and Addict. Charmer and Conniver.

Secondary Characters

  • Edward Krowley, ~40s – (first appearance) Owner and operator of the Drowning Raven. Alcoholic. Born Again Christian. Slightly off center. Harley’s uncle.
  • Max Solace, ~40s – (first appearance) Cop. Plays things a bit close to the chest. A very poor gambler. Father to Layne and Grey.
  • Draven Riddle, 48 – (first appearance, V.3) Depraved. Insane. Motivated.
  • Lucidius Mason, 20 – (first appearance) New Street Boss. Treacherous yet Talented. Tattoo Artist. Vindictive. Dancing on the short end of sanity.

sylum - title0

  • Sylum Bishop, 28 – (first appearance) Young Cop. Idealistic. Mostly Moral.
  • Maven Merrick, Born – (first appearance)  One third of the future Trio of Treason.
  • Revere Ransom, Born – (first appearance) One third of the future Trio of Treason.


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