Volume VII Cast


Portraits of the Volume VII hooligans.


  • Revere Ransom, 16 – (first appearance V.6) Torn Prince. Street Demon. Cocky. The last of his name.
  • Maven Merrick, 16 – (first appearance V.6) Emotional off balance. Friend of the lost. Vulnerable. The last of her name.
  • Angyl Hunter, 26 – (first appearance V.5) The Plan. Mischievous. Manipulative. Wandering Tattoo Artist. The last of all names.
  • Hadley “Harley” Morrow-Mason, 35 – (first appearance V.6) Barkeep. Hardened. Calm. Settled into family. Keeping mental notes.

Secondary Characters

  • Colt Brogan, 20 – (first appearance) The Right Hand of Power. Rev’s Top Guy. Quiet.
  • Irish Crowe, 21 – (first appearance) Rev’s Girl. His True Second. Loyal.
  • Pandora Riddle, 37 – (first appearance V.3) Barkeep. Tortured. Watchful. Mother of Maven.
  • Dante “Set” Drake, 43 – (first appearance V.3) Legend Personified. Endless. Entropy. The Embodiment of Chaos and Disconnect.
  • Payge Drake, 43 – (first appearance V.3) Legend Completed. Endless. Elysium. The Embodiment of Peace and Understanding.
  • Syn, ~40s – (first appearance V.3) Lady of the house of Treason. Keeper of secrets. Controller of Sinners. The last of her kind.
  • Pike, ~40s – (first appearance V.3) Syn’s love. Devoted. Delusional. Blind to her madness. Black Dragon shop owner.
  • Lucid Mason, 33 – (first appearance V.6) Retired Street King. Father of Relic. Husband to Harley. Suspicious yet considerate.

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