Volume VIII Cast


Introducing the hellions of Volume VIII.


  • Lucid Mason, 35 – (first appearance, V.6) A Good Man Misled. Misplaced. Deranged.
  • Angyl Hunter, 28 – (first appearance, V.5) Mature. Malicious. Conspiring for the sake of Chaos. Mother of Corvis. Corrupted by Wrath.
  • Relic Fallen Mason, 17 – (first appearance) Narrator. Depressed. Suicidal. Lost. Confused. Battling with the uncertainty of her parents’ deaths.
  • Linkon Ransom, 27 – (first appearance) Charismatic. Silver-tongued. Conniving. Betrayer of his kind. Dacien’s elder brother.
  • Dacien Ransom, 26 – (first appearance) Narrator. Soldier. Survivor. Traitor. Student of Lucid. Loyal to truth over blood. Moralistic to a fault.
  • Colt Brogan, 22 – (first appearance, V.7) Street King. Elder brother to Dusk. Patient ruler. Gentle yet stern. Protector to the lost.
  • Dusk Brogan, 19 – (first appearance) The Ringleader. Minor street demon. Teller of tales, weaver of webs, devils of deals. The man who controls the spotlight.
  • Irish Crowe, 23 – (first appearance, V.7) Heir to the Bar. Loyal. Knower of Truths. Bearer of Scars. Unflinching.
  • Harley Morrow, 37 – (first appearance, V.6) Presumed Dead. Mother of Relic. A Legend spoken of in whispers.
  • Saint Crowe, ~40s – (first appearance, V.5) Threatening. Devious. The holder of history. The witness to war. Teller of tales. Brother to Storyteller Havok.
  • Edward Dorrance, 17 – (first appearance) The Cleaner. Assassin to the Disloyal. Comforter of the lost. Misplaced from his own true family.

Secondary Characters

  • Pandora Riddle, 29 – (first appearance, V.3) Grieves for her losses. Hides in the shadows. Mentioned in passing.
  • Corvis Hunter, Born – (first appearance) A legacy continued. Angyl’s only heir.
  • Gin, 19 – (first appearance) Barkeep. Quiet. Private.
  • Jack, 20 – (first appearance) Gin’s on again/off again. Considerate. A man of his name – open to all trades.
  • Jekt Lazarus, 24 – (first appearance) Doctor to the broken. Deviant. Musician. Playful. Curious.
  • Deacon Burton, 17 – (first appearance) The Wanderer.

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