Primary Locations


The Black Dragon – Local Tattoo Shop that a healthy chunk of characters work at on a rotating basis throughout the stories. Center of a million and one stories and eccentric characters, source of unique and mesmerizing ink. Even after being demolished and rebuilt the old name carried on, a safe staple for the community to gather and develop deals at.

The Drowning Raven / Grinning Rogue – Popular local watering hole that also serves as the street entrance to the Serkis. A bit of a dive bar with generations of brawls and bloodshed borne of its boards, the old haunt shifts names as owners come and go throughout the stories. The main hub of every argument and hard call, it has endured more than its fair share of losses yet remains standing in current canon.

The Apartments – Above the bar, the majority of the characters reside within the same building. This makes it easier to stagger home after a raucous night at the pub and also convenient as many characters share familial ties or close friendships. Given the severe devotion between certain characters, keeping them within walking distance is required.

The Serkis – As the name implies, an underground circus in the city that the restless souls go to wander. A safe haven and assumed sanctuary for any who need it where they might find solace and safety from harm. A place for entertainment and deviant dealings as well as clan loyalty is tested and proven in the dirt below the city. Operated and organized largely by an appointed Ringleader at the time who knows all the dealings that occur, the world Below runs by its own strict code of ethics separate from those Above.

The Cathedral – A broken and decrepit church that has been abandoned after falling out of repair a decent walk away from the regular locations characters will haunt. It serves as a point of solitude for older deviants who fell unwelcome in the Serkis or have more murderous missions in mind. Also a training area for those looking to separate themselves from prying eyes and worship their craft in separate ways.


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